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Nutri Sweets gummies for supporting health – a delicious addition to the daily diet

Nutri Sweets combines gummies with nutritional supplements. The result? Premium products of the very best quality that make good health readily accessible to anyone. And they taste good too. Suitable for both children and adults, our delicious gummies are becoming increasingly popular. Add them to your range today!

We are Nutri Sweets, a gummy manufacturer in the Netherlands.

We develop, produce and package gummies that contain essential vitamins and minerals, and CBD too!

Nutri Sweets manufactures gummies, developing its products in-house. We are extremely flexible and can adapt our production process to customer wishes, adjusting product types, quantities and packaging to meet exacting requirements. We specialise in making gummies in a wide range of colours and flavours and with different aromas. We also offer various options when it comes to packaging, with both standardised packs or your own packaging among the possibilities. You can order the quantities you require directly from us. Even smaller quantities are an option! We will be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you, working with you to come up with exactly the right solution!

Products / range

We manufacture our delicious gummies at our own production facility using the best premium ingredients, including vitamin C or D. We also offer a multivitamin gummy, and gummies containing iron, magnesium, calcium and omega-3. Our gummies come in a wide range of shapes and types. Last but not least, we supply CBD gummies, developed in direct response to a growing demand in the gummy market!

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